Grounded in experiential leadership, Erin Sills Consulting brings next-level results to organizations across North America.


(Re)Humanizing Organizations for Exponential Performance

In exceptional companies, leadership, strategy and culture are aligned in a meaningful way. There is a common and clear purpose that inspires action and guides work; leaders lead in a way that generates performance from themselves and others; and how people act and interact in the organization breeds accountability, trust, and ultimately, results.


Focused. Committed. Accountable for results and personal impact.


Clear. Concise. Guiding. Unifying. Compelling.


Aligned. Connected. Engaged towards a common purpose.

Launching High Impact Lab
Next-Level Leadership for the Courageous Organization.

Anyone can learn a leadership model or theory. Very few get the chance to put theory into practice in the moment, when the stakes are high. We are a laboratory learning experience that takes leadership out of the theory books and catapults leaders into practice. Immediate, unfiltered insight into your impact as a leader. A blueprint to create the impact you want. This is High Impact Lab. Next-level leadership.

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Leadership Manifesto: The 3 Cs.


Be brave and vulnerable. Show up. Speak your mind. Don’t hold back. Wherever you go, know that you leave an impact. Make your mark with heart.


Connect with others from the heart. Assume positive intent. Put yourself in others’ shoes. Leadership is relational, not a solo sport.


Lean in. Listen deeply. Be present. Hold your judgments lightly. Be interested in others. Learn.

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