Unstuckness… There She Flows Again.

How connection, challenge, being witness and courage got me unstuck.

Last year was meant to be a year of exploration. New partnerships, new clients, learning about parenting, and re-establishing my consulting brand after another stint as a senior leader. Sounds fun, no? It was a very productive year, yet for some reason, I’ve found myself getting less creative and less in-tune with my big vision. I blamed it on parenting. On being busy. But the truth is, I have been getting in my own way. I have been playing small, and got stuck as a result.

Today I went for a hike in the rain with my dog. I was looking for connection this morning, so reached out to a few people to join me… timing didn’t work, so I went on my own. Turns out it was exactly what I needed. I started the hike thinking about what is emerging in my business (more on that in another post! Exciting stuff on its way). My mind was on fire… a flow of thoughts that I haven’t experienced in some time. Then, half-IMG_0110way up Seymour Mountain, I felt it. A popping open. A sense that I am so on the right track and 2016 is my year to sow and to harvest… To put a stake in the ground – with intention – for the difference I want to make. With the mountain under me, and miles behind me, I felt my step getting lighter. A playfulness overcame me. I felt connected. This morning I was looking for connection, and I found it within myself.

Outside of today, it has been a series of events getting me to this point:

  • I recently came back to yoga. I needed both a place and the space to get quiet with myself. To hold myself lightly, and to challenge my potential. I’m only 4 classes in, but there is a difference in me already. I feel it.
  • Back in December I had coffee with a new connection – with the intention of meeting more like-minded people doing cool work. Within 30 minutes she challenged me to live like I mean it and to give my own brand the value it deserves. How is that for a kick in the pants?
  • On the Winter Solstice a dear friend lost her dad after a short and intense period of ill-health. Being witness to the struggle, the pain and the love that death brings was humbling and precious. And, it was a deep reminder of the value of life… again: Live it like you mean it.
  • A few weeks back, my biggest champion and best bud presented me with an opportunity to “go big” in my work. She knows my vision, and in her sly and supportive way she kicked me out of complacency and into courage and started my process of re-discovery.

So here I am. Rain-soaked, muddy and oh-so-ready to live 2016 like I mean it. There is big stuff coming from erin sills consulting… work with impact and meaning. If you’re a leader, particularly a leader inspired to join my movement to re-humanize organizations, you will want to hear more… stay tuned.

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2 thoughts on “Unstuckness… There She Flows Again.

  1. Hi Erin,
    I love the way you write. I would love if you do it more often. Somehow you energize me!!!
    Good luck in 2016, I’m sure you will achieve anything you set as a goal, so you can go as far as you want!!

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