EXECUTIVE COACHING FOR IMPACT: Your unique leadership path awaits

Erin works with leaders to create individualized executive development plans. She brings a coach approach to her conversations, but also delivers laser feedback, collaborates on plans, and shares models and theories with the explicit intent of increasing awareness around impact and raising performance. Erin is certified in a number of executive and psychometrics assessments, including the Leadership Circle Profile, EQ in Action and EQi 2.0.

TAILORED PROGRAMS: Leadership and strategy go hand-in-hand

The best leadership development is aligned with what the organization is trying to achieve from a strategy perspective. Erin designs and facilitates custom leadership programs and processes for Executives, High Potentials and teams in organizations. Using a multi-modal approach, Erin combines experiential education, coaching and communications to ensure the learning is high impact.

BUILD TEAM TRUST AND ACCOUNTABILITY: Live action leadership with no holds barred

An expert in group dynamics, Erin works with teams to increase performance by building common direction, focus, alignment, trust and shared accountability. Erin is skilled in addressing conflict and ineffective patterns of behaviour that are leading to sub-optimal performance.

ANYTHING BUT À LA CARTE: Get meaningful results from your session

Erin’s facilitation services include strategic planning, vision and values development, change strategy and stakeholder engagement. Her key facilitation differentiator is that she pays attention to the group dynamics and undertone to ensure that each person is engaged and participating. This leads to more meaningful commitments and results, particularly when disparate views and opinions exist.

EVOLVING ORGANIZATIONAL CULTURE: Best selves equals best possible results

Erin leads large-scale organizational programs and processes designed to define, evaluate and evolve organizational culture in a way that aligns with strategy and creates people-centered organizations. All in support of the notion that when people can bring their best selves to work, they produce their best possible results.