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Choose from these exceptional offerings from Erin Sills Consulting. Just as no two organizations are alike, no two programs are alike. Each is highly customized to align with the specific needs of the client.

Developing Leaders

Out-of-the-box programming rarely addresses the change in behaviour needed to create people-centered organizations. Erin anchors all leadership development against what is needed for the organization’s strategy, bringing the most relevant development concepts into the fold as they are needed within the context of the business and culture.

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Team Performance

High impact teams achieve more than what is thought possible. They are aligned around a common purpose, have high accountability for results and their impact on each other, and are grounded in a culture of trust. These teams don’t happen by chance. It takes deliberate focus and effort.

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Custom Facilitation

Group dynamics can be challenging, whether in strategic planning, values alignment, stakeholder engagement or conflict exploration. Erin understands the intricacies of groups and works with them to ensure all voices are heard and that progress is made.

Erin’s areas of specialty are culture development and purposeful strategy.

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Executive Thought Partnering

The higher you go in an organization the less likely it is that you have access to unbiased, unfiltered feedback. Erin will partner with you to both challenge and champion your thinking and behavior in service of increasing your leadership impact.

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Next-level leadership for the courageous organization

Anyone can learn a leadership model or theory. Very few get the change to put theory into practice in the moment, when the stakes are high. High Impact Lab is a laboratory learning experience that takes leadership out of the theory books and catapults leaders into practice.

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